Shed / Farwatch / The End Of Music / Loa Hex

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Quencher's Saloon, 2401 N Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647


Shed is a five-piece experimental stoner metal band from Chicago. Featuring electric cello, trombone, saxophone, bass and drums, Shed barrels off the traditional paths of its genre towards darker, weirder realms, dragging the listener through thorny thicket of riffs after thorny thicket of riffs until finally arriving at its ultimate destination: the movie theater, to watch Star Wars.


Farwatch is a Heavy Prog band with a penchant for shred.


THE END OF MUSIC is a heavy-pop/punk/dirge combo spawned from the bowels of Chicago, Illinois. THE END OF MUSIC sounds like mid-tempo Black Sabbath playing the Knack, Black Flag, The Stooges, and a pinch of the Bay City Rollers. Their personal musical influences include H.R. Puffnstuff, Speed Racer, divorces, drugs, sound effects records, the Beatles, rednecks, hard rock, punk rock, Leadbelly, Slayer, and, of course, the Stooges.


Loa Hex brings big riff rock n’ roll from Chicago’s northwest side. Hitting hard with Midwestern hooks, metal-tinged panache and heartfelt songwriting, Loa Hex conjures powerful music that connects with an audience. With a live show that blends an intimate communion with the mystic energy of a backwoods revival, Loa Hex walks the fine line between great band and theatrical experience.