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Eva Lah

Eva Lah

Eva gets the “Lah” from her Jewish Yiddish speaking Grandmother, many loved ones who picked it up, and her love for singing. Growing up, she sang along to The Sound of Music in the shower and The Big Chill soundtrack in the car. Eva’s training comes from years singing in her Unitarian Universalist church choir and attending arts schools, focusing her time on dance, choir and musical theatre. Her background includes years of youth work, directing theatre, as well as digital music and video production. She joined the band “Mass and Ether” after responding to a Craigslist ad in 2002. There she met Jeremy Willams, who had played music for years with Loa Hex drummer The Bobby George. When Dan Metivier (whom she had been a chainsawer with during their days in Americorps) responded to her Facebook post looking for a bassist, they all connected.  Over the years, they have transformed into a 4-piece band playing songs for, and telling the story of Loa Hex.

Jeremy Willams

Jeremy Williams

Jeremy composed his first piece of music, “Ode to Godzilla”, on the piano at the age of 8. When he was 10 he borrowed a “teach yourself to play guitar” record from the library.  He continued his self-education by voraciously studying the Guitar Handbook and gluing his ear to a stereo speaker, playing along to his older sister’s Led Zeppelin vinyl collection. Some of Jeremy’s other guitar influences span from Hendrix and Sabbath to Jane’s Addiction, Living Colour and Rage Against the Machine.  Jeremy constantly hears music in his head, and while others may have chosen to take medication for this condition, Jeremy opted to embrace these sounds from within and pursue various musical projects throughout his life.  While his musical tastes are varied, staples of his current musical diet are stoner rock and 60s psych. Jeremy started what would eventually become Loa Hex when one day he was in his basement recording a bunch of guitar riffs and said to himself…”hmmm maybe I should start a band”.

Dan Metivier

Dan Metivier

Bass Player, Merch Master, and DIY producer Dan Metivier started playing percussion in the North Elementary Band of Crystal Lake, IL in the 5th grade.  That lead to numerous single-gig bands all through junior high and high school.  After moving to Chicago and having his drum set stolen out of his Logan Square basement, Dan switched to Bass since it was all he could afford.  A few bands later, Dan hooked back up with his old AmeriCorps buddy Eva and has been part of Loa Hex ever since.  


TheBobby George

A first generation French-American with a mother from Nice, TheBobby George spent his early years learning English alongside her from children’s books, Mister Rogers, and Sesame Street. Taking a page from his U.S. Navy Jazz Band father, TBG started his musical journey at the age of 10 and took up the trumpet (his Dad had one). While swimming through the jazz musings of greats like, Miles Davis, Stan Kenton, Oscar Peterson and Maynard Ferguson, TBG went on to play jazz all through high school and college. He used his skills to teach himself the upright bass, later turning into electric, then on to piano, voice, and finally drums where he finds himself as a member of Loa Hex. Whether he’s slapping the bass like Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers or analyzing the constructs of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, TBG is a well-rounded musician and welcomed addition to the band.